Internet Security On Your Forum : Habits to be avoided

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Internet Security On Your Forum : Habits to be avoided Empty Internet Security On Your Forum : Habits to be avoided

Post by yara on Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:33 pm

Internet Security On Your Forum : Habits to be avoided!

1. Do never provide your session ID.

When you want to specify (on a website, on a forum, in an email via msn, icq... brief everywhere) address your forum, a subject of a message, check although part of the address containing 'sid = 582c4678011cbd97139689c8' is never shown.

In rare cases if a user clicks on a link with this 'sid = 582c4678011cbd97139689c8', it is again directly connected on an a user, moderator, administrator or account.

If you use a proxy and if a user uses the same proxy you (your ip are identical), clicking on a link with this sid = 582c4678011cbd97139689c8 it is again connected under your user ID. If you are an administrator, he can then destroy your forum without difficulty...

In summary:

If you provide addresses as:

Always use:

2 Never use a public proxy server.

For reasons related to the previous point, the use of a proxy is not recommended. In addition your pages appear much more quickly if you disable your proxy.

3. Do keep / never provide your password.

This is rather obvious... do provide never your password to anyone who asks you.
If you can't do something, this forum self-help is for. And each problem can find its solution without that your password is requested.

When use you the feature 'I've forgotten my password', an email is sent with a new password. Once logged in, go on your Profile and edit the again by using a password you can perhaps more easily remember (but should not be too simple provided). If you do not change, keep this email on one box mailbox 'online' such as hotmail or caramail.

4 Disconnect you if you are using a public computer.

At the end of your session when you use a computer public (in a coffee shop, to the fac at a friend...), remember to always use the button Disconnecting. In these circumstances, never use the browser function ' do you want to keep this password ' (answer still not).



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